2019 Evolution

Evolution is a piece specially made for ‘Masterly Women‘: an exhibition about ten female Dutch Avant-garde artists who are matched with ten female Dutch contemporary artists.

I was matched with Lou Loeber (1894-1983). In addition to being a painter, she was a glass painter, illustrater and etcher that worked mostly non-figuratively, abstract-geometrically and abstract-figuratively. Loeber was looking for a fusion of modern art and socialism. It was her ideal that her work was accessible and affordable for a large audience. she decided to multiply her works and keep her prices low.

I am proud that I am linked to Loeber because, like her, I approach my work with an idealistic view. Below you can see my sketch design. Photos of the work on location will follow in June.

The exhibition can be seen from 15 June to 8 September in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.