ZelfMarjolein Witte [Eindhoven, 1979] is a Dutch visual artist living and working in Utrecht. She studied Fine Art at the HKU University of the Arts and graduated in 2002. Witte builds, paints, draws and photographs physical and imaginary boundaries, constructions and manipulations. In her work she studies fundamental human needs, their physical manifestations and possible tensions that arise in relation to the environment. Territorial behavior and the relationship between humans and nature are recurring themes in her work.

 ‘My works are often a reaction to a certain location, its characteristics, its appearance and its history or are a reaction to a given concept. As a person and an artist I am deeply interested in the built environment, the organized and the manipulated nature and spatial and imaginary boundaries.’

Trudi van Zadelhoff (curator):
The works of Marjolein Witte are fascinating because of their diversity in presentation and materials, while they have a clearly recognizable signature in common. The geometric shapes, clear lines and striking colors are recurring elements in Wittes work. Her interest in human intervention in nature results both in large wooden constructions as in intimate series of paintings.

With her installations Witte connects to the location where she presents her work. This creates a naturally whole in which work and space coincide, as in 2018 in EXBunker with the installation Barbara’s Barrikaden. The history of the bunker plays an important role in the design of the installation. As a visitor you feel the ambiguity the work evokes in that particular place: the constriction of the small space with the thick walls and its protection. The sixteen Tags (2018) also deal with the direct relationship with the environment. Partly because of the small size, they are not attention-grabbing paintings, but rather a natural and colorful part of the graffiti walls in the Utrecht city center.

The works of Marjolein Witte are not detached images of reality, but are firmly actual with an open mind to the future.

What moves me
The context of my being: a selection of things that inspire me in life, in my relationships with others and in art.

Animal welfare

Books (title, author)
Plan and Play, Play and Plan, Janwillem Schrofer
De mens als god, Mark Lynas
Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari
Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari
Moreel Esperanto, Paul Cliteur
The Hidden Dimension, Edward T. Hall
De menselijke maat, Prof. Ir. A. J. H. Haak
For space, Doreen Massey
The Production of space, Henri Lefebvre
De geopolitiek van emotie, Dominique Moïsi
Wij zijn ons brein, Dick Swaab
Essays on the blurring of art and life, Alan Kaprow

Artists, designers, musicians and more
Bruce Nauman
Charlotte Posenenske
Bas Jan Ader
Vivienne Westwood
Peter Greenaway
David Lynch
Nick Cave
David Bowie
Samuel Beckett
Louise Bourgeois
Ellsworth Kelly


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