2018 Barbaras Barrikaden

Click on the photos for larger imageBarbara_Bokje Few places on earth have been untouched by humans. We leave traces everywhere. The world is full of human constructions that communicate with us. They show us the way, they protect or keep us, nature or animals at a distance, they show ownership or status and have all kinds of other functions that mainly serve us humans. All those constructions and their stories fascinate me, because they can be useful and beautiful as well as destructive and very restrictive.

In May 2018 I was invited to make a work for ExBunker, a bunker from the Second World War, which now serves as an art space. Barbaras Barrikaden has become an installation of wooden structures that occupy the space of ExBunker. The colored pattern originated from the striped appearance of barrier tape. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of among others archers, artillerymen and protects against sudden death. With the work I try to emphasize both the occupying and the protective side of the bunker.


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